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Roman Reigns hasn’t been seen in any WWE action since before WrestleMania due to him having to pull out of his Universal Championship match with Goldberg amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Due to his battle with leukaemia, Reigns could be deemed high risk to the virus, and that’s why he withdrew himself from competing.

Now, a report from the recent Wrestling Observer, as per What Culture, has claimed that WWE employees have been put under strict order not to mention Reigns’ name on television. It seems as ‘The Big Dog’ is out of action due to the coronavirus pandemic, WWE have swiftly moved to take him out of the minds of the WWE Universe. The exemption of Reigns’ name in WWE would make sense in the fact that Roman’s WrestleMania stand in Braun Strowman hasn’t mentioned him once since becoming the new Universal Champion, even though it was Reigns’ absence that meant The Monster Among Men was able to become the new champion.

It was first suggested that Reigns’ WWE future was in doubts after he made the choice to pull out of the WrestleMania title match as he needed to put his health first, due to him being at more of a rrisk. However, the Observer clarified that it was up to Reigns when he will make his SmackDown comeback. Hopefully Reigns’ absence from WWE action won’t affect his future with the company, as it was obviously him that was meant to walk out of ‘Mania 36 as Universal Champion.

As of now, no one is certain when Roman will return, but with the coronavirus pandemic still looming large, you can’t imagine it will be anytime soon. Due to how serious the matters are concerning Reigns’ health, one would hope that he takes his time to return to the company and only doing so when it is safe to.

In more positive news, Reigns announced in an interview with Muscle & Fitness that he is to become a father to another set of twins.


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