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via Zulu Art

Keep that mental image and add a feature rarely displayed in the animal kingdom. A butterfly species accessed superior beauty by replacing the traditional wing material with something that resembles glass.

Photos of glasswing butterfly are the reason wildlife photography often creates trust issues. Most people are not open-minded to accept such an unusual twist played by Mother Nature.


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Yes, Cemani roosters are edible, at least if you get past the fact that the meat and the organs are also black.


via Getty Images

The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey is a relatively new guest on the list of unbelievable animals.

The species was a cryptid until scientists venturing into the jungles of South-East Asia finally granted the shy animal a place in the zoology books in 2010. However, people dismissed even explicit photos.


via Jurgen Otto

Photoshop artists are funny guys.

However, their sense of humor is brutally surpassed by the incredible ingenuity of Mother Nature. Behold, a spider species that employs a display similar to that of a male peacock.

That smiley face advertised by the Australian peacock spider is not an attempt to befriend your girlfriend or wife and avoid household genocide. No, it is part of a complicated ritual of attracting females from their species, which makes no compromises when it comes to color.


via Taiji Whale Museum

Pink is not a color to stumble upon often in the natural world.

However, no manipulation was involved when photos of a pink dolphin emerged in a corner of the Internet. You will be surprised to know this was not a new species, but rather an individual exhibiting albino gene.

Now comes the tricky part. Why are they so rare? Our souls would overflow with delight to see a pod of pink dolphins performing their majestic tricks in the ocean.


via Animals Adda

The Axolotl looks too good to be true – a walking fish that always harbors a smile on its face all the time.

Rest assured, the Axolotl is real, although it might not be for long. The species is currently labeled as critically endangered and significant conservation efforts target to keep them alive.

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