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Do you already know There’s An Animal That Lives in your Eyelashes?

You know the way every time one in every of your eyelashes came off as a kid you’ll blow it off of your finger and make a desire? Properly, little did , a couple of creatures were likely living on that eyelash.

These creatures are referred to as Demodex.

Eyelashes demodex

Demodex is an eight-legged mite from the Demodicidae family. The Demodex is a species of tiny mites that live to your eyelashes. They move slowly round your face, eating up all of the oily secretions. They don’t excrete onto your face, but they do eat till they pretty literally blow themselves up all over your face. Nearly every animal on the planet is host to the Demodex, so maximum probably, you aren’t exempt.

There are many species of Demodex but simplest two species live on human beings: Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis, both regularly referred to as eyelash mites. Specific species of animals host distinctive species of Demodex as an example, Demodex canis lives on the home canine. Approximately sixty five species of Demodex are known.

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Demodex mites are located obviously on the faces of humans from youth, but particularly after the age of 18. Their presence on the skin increases with age.

You is probably asking, “Are they dangerous to my fitness?”

Eyelashes demodex

The answer isn’t any. Unless you have got too much Demodex residing for your face, they aren’t hurting you at all. The worst aspect that the Demodex will do is irritate your eyes in case you host too many at one time.

Infestation with Demodex is common and typically does not motive any symptoms, despite the fact that now and again some skin sicknesses can be due to the mites. Demodex is derived from Greek δημός dēmos “fats” and δήξ dēx, “woodworm

Just understand that even when you’re asleep, masses of tiny insects are for your face crawling around, eating, or even getting a few Demodex “action”

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