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The universal law of gravitation claims that any two bodies attract each other and this is what keeps our feet attached to the earth.

Anyways, there are some places on this same earth where gravity is either limited or lost. There are more than eight places, but I will only focus on four.

Written by psalm 08134282096

4. Saint Ignance Mystery Spot, Michigan, United States of America

The strong story behind this spot says that in the 1950s, some surveyors were exploring an area. When they got to this particular spot, they discovered their all their equipments stopped working. After carrying out some tests, they discovered the problem was only in a circle of about 300ft in diameter. That was how the spot was discovered.

3. Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, California

This spot is located in the forests outside Santa Cruz in an area of just 150ft in diameter. People there walk in a tilted fashion and things look like they are rolling uphill. Many people keep revisiting the spot to experience the weird and puzzling sensations.

2. Hoover Dam, Navada, United States of America

If you get to visit this dam, try to do this experiment: pour water from a bottle over the dam. You will discover the water instead of pouring down into the dam flies up. This is as a result of the structure that the dam creates. The water is carried upward by the wind.

1. Waterfall, Faroe Islands

Have you ever imagined a waterfall going upward? Well, there is one in Faroe Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean between Scotland and Iceland. The fact is that there are also many waterfalls like this one all over the world and the power moving the water upward is the wind.

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