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Psalm.comFeb 11, 2020 9:01 AM


credit: third party image reference

A rare salamander (local name Baby Dragon) has been found in one of the 5 underwater caves in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country in Southeast Europe. It is not even hilly for the last 2569 days (over 7 years). Scientists say after prolonged monitoring, this amphibian called Olms (Proteus Anguinus) is called salamander.

credit: third party image reference

It is believed that it is blind. She spends 100 years of her life under water. It also has residence in Balkan countries like Slovenia to Croatia. Olms is motivated to change the place only when he needs to be mated once in about 12.5 years. For biologists studying cave life, it is good news that Croatia has more than 7000 inaccessible caves, which are out of reach of humans.

credit: third party image reference

Here the body parts (DNA and eDNA) of the salamander come out after dissolving in water. Judit Vörös of the Hungarian Natural History Museum reported, “Before such animals were conceived. Due to heavy rains here, we have been able to see these creatures only after coming out of the caves.

credit: third party image reference

Otherwise we have to dive and go to the cave to see them. But now we can tell whether they are there only by looking at the parts present in the cave water.

Salamander is present in 10 caves

credit: third party image reference

Judit Vörös said his team surveyed the environmental DNA of the salamander using a technique. This technique has been tried on wildlife before, but has been used for the first time on species found in caves. For this, in the summer of 2014, water samples of 15 caves were collected.

credit: third party image reference

The DNA was extracted by filtering paper with 2 liters of water from each cave. Only after this is it believed that salamanders are present in 10 caves.

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