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Is it really possible that Santiago flight 513 disappeared for 35 years and then landed as if nothing happened?

The Plane that landed with 92 skeletons on board is an unsolved aviation mystery, that comes up every now and then. But is it really possible that Santiago flight 513 disappeared for 35 years and then landed as if nothing happened? Today we are going to have a little plane crash investigation on this mysterious missing airplane and find out if time travel was involved or if all of this was just a made-up story. While many planes are considered to disappear, especially in the Bermuda triangle this documentary will focus on flight 513.

plan 513

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The Truth About The Missing Plane “Returned With 92 Skeletons”

Mysteriously disappeared in 1954 and suddenly “returned” in 1989, Santiago Flight 513 real images and its fictitious disappearance can be briefly summarized as follows.

Published in Weekly World News (USA) 29 years ago, the fictional story of the missing Santiago Flight 513 in the Atlantic Ocean attracted a lot of public attention at that time.

The history of world aviation has witnessed several mysterious disappearances. Over decades, these traceless vanishing have become a real deal, keeping people forever in doubt

From the mysterious death of the famous American female aviator Amelia Mary Earhart on July 2, 1937, causing the US Navy to deploy an unprecedentedly expensive search in the Pacific Ocean in history… to the strange disappearance 5 Grumman TBF Avenger torpedo bombers belonging to the US 19th Squadron over the waters of the “devil triangle” of Bermuda on December 5, 1945… All became the greatest aviation mysteries in the world in the 20th century. And a few years ago, there was the case of the Malaysian plane MH370.

Amidst the aviation mysteries that plagued the public and the scientific community in the last century, there are many stories circulating in the US related to plane crashes that disappeared without a trace in the ocean. Although only a product of the imagination these stories still drew great public attention during that period

Santiago Flight 513 mysteriously disappeared in 1954 and suddenly “returned” in 1989, written by author Irwin Fisher, published in Weekly World News (USA), were one of such stories

On November 14, 1989, Weekly World News published an article that attracted public opinion titled “1950s Airliner Lands With 92 Skeletons On Board

The fictional story of Santiago Flight 513 and its fictitious disappearance can be briefly summarized as follows

The American-made Lockheed Super Constellation civil aircraft departs for the usual Santiago Flight 513 flight. There was a total of 92 people on the flight, including 88 passengers and four crew members.

Santiago Flight 513 departed from Aachen (Germany), scheduled to arrive in Chile (South America). However, the flight was never able to land in Chile because, for some mysterious reason, air traffic control on the ground completely lost contact with the flight crew when it flew across the Atlantic Ocean.


A large-scale search was launched soon after to save the lucky survivors (if any). But what people had seen after months of endless searching was just the deep blue ocean.

Not a signal. Not a single piece of debris. Not a single clue about the passenger’s belongings. The Lockheed Super Constellation plane with 92 people disappeared completely in the middle of the ocean.

However, on October 12, 1989… a huge plane was found in the Brazilian port city of Porto Alegre (South America). After approaching the wreckage, they determined that it was a plane belonging to Santiago Airlines (Chile) and had been missing for more than 3 decades.

Strange things started to pile up when everything was almost intact with a view from the outside of the plane. Inside, the 92 people who went missing on the same flight as Santiago Flight 513 were then only 92 white skeletons sitting neatly in their seats. Even captain Miguel Victor Cury is still in a normal plane control posture.


Everything was intact to perfection. Although 35 years had passed, not a single object or part of the plane was damaged.

After the plane wreck was discovered, many investigations and arguments broke out. An investigator, Dr. Celso Atello, said that the incident was a clear demonstration of the case of “wormholes”. He said, “There is no more reasonable explanation than that the plane has “fallen into a wormhole.”

The Brazilian government is believed to have been involved in the investigation of this strange aircraft, however, in the end, officials refused to respond to any information related to the investigation process.”


Santiago Flight 513 is just a product of imagination

Indeed, Santiago Flight 513 was not real, and the story that it disappeared for 35 years and returned was not true, either. Because the author wanted to talk about “wormholes” (an unconfirmed concept in science), as well as “time distortions”, he made up this whole story for the purpose of attracting public opinion, just like the rumors about UFOs and aliens for so long.

Above all, Weekly World News (USA) was a popular tabloid in the US, specializing in publishing strange, supernatural and mystical stories.


Although it was determined that the article by author Irwin Fisher was only a fiction, because of its reputation for strange stories, American public opinion at that time still accepted it.

Weekly World News operated since 1979 and “closed” in 2007.

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