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  • Hi lovelies!

Since Monsoon is on its way apart from bringing the temperature down what else it does is make our skin super oily because of the humidity present in the atmosphere which further makes our skin more prone to pimples,acne,blackhead,Whitehead.Thats why its all together a better idea to prevent it in its first go..Here are 10 simple ways you can deal with oily skin.
1.Hydration:The first thing you should do in the morning right after waking up is drink plenty of water and that too even without brushing your teeth,what will it do is alkalise your body and will help out in flushing all the toxins out of your body and this way keep your gut clean. Because you know happy gut=clearer skin.

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2.Ice cubes:People living in colder place have smaller pores and less oily skin do you know why? Cold Temperature helps in shrienking of that pore keeping your skin smooth and powerless.Freeze some green tea infused ice and rub it all over your face daily before going to bed. Green tea is as you know filled with antioxidants fights the free radical and will further calm your active sebaceous gland.Cold ice will make your pores tight and improves circulation which is a plus for the glow you’ll get.

3.Tomatoes:Yes you heard it right. Apary from cooking you can use these to uplift your skin care regime by just cutting them into half and gently rub it all over your face on every alternate days. Trust me you’ll start to see results within 5 days.Tomatoes rich in Lycopene helps to get rid of that tan and vitamin c as you know is a great antioxidant which helps in brightening.Next time while preparing your dinner don’t forget to put a small piece away.LA TOMATINO!

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4.Scrub:Dead skin cells when combines with sebum and dirt  clogs pore resulting in blackhead and whiteheads.Prevention is better than cure thats why you should religiously scrub that dead skin from your face and body too.You should scrub 1-2 a week,you can choose whichever scrub suits you the best or you can make one at your own home by just mixing 1 tablespoon of rice flour and coffee add some milk to it and there you have it. 

5.Toner:Tower’s are hyped for a reason which is they are great to balance the pH of your skin,make pores tight and take off that extra makeup or dirt out from your pores.Apply toner everytime you wash your face with a face wash or cleanser .What I like to use as a toner is rose water. And remember try to avoid alcohol based toner it literally rips your skin off all the moisture. Hence,choose wisely. Read the ingredients properly. 6.Multani mitti:Next comes our age old nuskha multani mitti or fuller’s earth.Clay as we know is a rich source of minerals,helps to calm down over active sebacious glands,tighten up your pore,brighten up that dull face and will detoxify the skin by pulling out all the toxins.If you have superemly oily skin every alternate day leave it for 25-20 mins and wash off.You will instantly see the results.

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7.Aloe vera:Aloe vera was always present in our Indian scriptures as ghritkumari,we were the one who never paid much attention to it but not anymore.Apart from drinking its juice for healthy gut it can also be applied topically. Take freshly cut aloevera,cut it open apply the gooey gel all over your face leave it on for a couple of minutes. Wash it with plain cold water. There you go hello! Beautiful skin.Store bought aloevera can also work here but why to waste money when you got it better option right in your garden

8.Moisturise:Moisturizing is a key step in CTM routine. Don’t forget to include this step as most oily skin people skip this step just thinking their skin is already oily it doesn’t neet moisturizer. This is where they go wrong our skin produce oil just to counteract the effect of dryness so its a defense mechanism of our skin to protect itself. If u won’t put moisturizer your skin will feel the need to produce more and more oil. Therefore to prevent this always uses moisturize. Gel based moisturizer will work very well for you.
9.Fiber:You are what you eat.Oily,deep fried,high glycemic i.e high sugary food,soda,processed food creates a havoc in your skin.It the main reason behind that oil which further leads to acne,pimples,blackheads etc.Happy and healthy gut ensures smooth and glowing skin. Everything is hidden inside your gut.Eat foods high in fiber,vitamins,minerals. Fruits,vegetables,nuts have fiber which will allow all the vitamins to get absorbed properly. 10.Exercise:Sweat released during exercising also excrete lots of toxins out of your systemExercising have lots of benefits one of them includes good circulation which improves the texture of your skin how? When blood  circulation increases more oxygen and nutrients reach to your skin as well.Just start with a little walk and increase the pace and your strength day by day. But take time out and begin it .Sweat it out!

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