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Amazing Fact: why the Atlantic And Pacific Oceans Don’t mix

When you look at the seas and ocean on the map you might think that they just flow into each other. It seems like there is only on big ocean and people just gave different names to it’s parts!. Well, you will be amazed to it’s bonds between them are, the bond between the Pacific Oceans and Atlantic Ocean is like a line between 2 worlds.

It looks as if the two oceans meet at an invisible wall which does not let them flow into each other and mix their waters. Why on Earth does it happens? We know few since there is no invisible wall inside and water, so what interfere with it’s mixing?

  1. Pacific Ocean have a different density and chemical make-up.
  2. The level of salinity and qualities, one can see by their colon that they are far from being thesame.
  3. Halocline bonder between water with different salinity are the most spectacular and this is what we see when the Atlantic ocean and the Pacific ocean meet. Halocline appear when water in one ocean on seas is at least 5 times salty than in the other.
  1. Another important different between the two oceans water is the strength of molecules connection, on surface tensile strength.
  2. Maybe they could gradually start mixing with time, but for now,as the flow in them have opposite direction. They just don’t have time to mix together,
  3. There are also thermocline border between water of different temperature.
  4. Like the warm water of Gulf stream and Baltic seas meet near the Dania city of steagen, their water in them don’t mix because of different density.
  5. The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic ocean meet at the Strait of Gibraltar and have a different density and salinity, so their water does not mix too.
  1. The Unuguag River and it’s Afflux meet in Misiones Province in Angentina, one of them is cleaned to be used in agriculture and the other gets almost res because of loam during rainy season.
  2. River Niger and Benue, in Nigeria they don’t mix and the river cut across many countries in the world. And one of the longest Rivers.
  3. Model and Rheine meet in Koblengi Germany, Rheine has light water and Model darken.
  4. Alaknanda and Bhaginathi river meet in India, Alaknanda ldarken water and Bhaginathi is light.
  1. The Jialing and Yangtye river meet in Chongging China, the Jialing is clean and the Yangtye is brown.
  2. Thewater of the chuga has an usual cloudy white color and Turquoise, flowing into each other they form a single two-colon flow that does not mix for some time.
  3. The Rhome and Anve river flow into each other in Geneva, Switzerland.
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