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Moon Resort selects Dubai Pearl as location for $5 billion mega-project

After speculations around the $5 billion Moon Resort coming to Abu DhabiArabian Business has learned that Moon World Resorts’ co-founders Michael Henderson and Sandra Matthews are considering the Dubai Pearl as the ideal location to set up the resort.

The two founders are still conducting a recce across the MENA region.

“At this time we are still considering potential regional licensees and land options around MENA. We believe the Dubai Pearl would be a prefect location for Moon Dubai; indeed it would be absolutely stunning,” Moon World Resorts’ co-founder Michael Henderson told Arabian Business.

Henderson added there has been quite a positive response from investors and citizens alike, in Dubai.

“We have heard directly from many Emirati citizens who would also like to see Moon Dubai developed on that site,” Henderson said adding that citizens have been “extremely kind and courteous” towards seeing the mega-project brought to life.

“It appears the educational, environmental and space tourism aspects of Moon are proving to be highly logical for a population seemingly eager to lead the world; how wonderful.”

When constructed, Moon Dubai is expected to add to the emirate’s economy in sectors such as hospitality, entertainment, attractions, education, technology, the environment and space tourism, Henderson said.

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The resort’s lunar surface, surrounded by a “lunar colony,” is expected to enable 2.5 million guests, annually, to experience affordable space tourism on the ground in Dubai.

The resort’s focus is on leading-edge architecture, engineering, design and technology. Moon will also accommodate a training platform for various space agencies and their respective astronauts.

“Oxygen, light, and a plethora of sensory functions will be factored into every architectural, engineering and design function throughout Moon,” the company said in an emailed statement.

“Vendors will be required to follow strict environmental management criteria to include animal welfare, no fur products, ocean wise seafood, free-range, uncaged and absolutely no threatened species available. Adherence to human rights to include a smoke-free building envelope,” the statement added.

“Climate change is the greatest challenge to our world. Moon’s mission is to act as the educational bridge, demonstrating how reduction in carbon emissions can protect humans,
animals, and nature,” Moon World Resorts‘ co-founder Sandra Matthews said.For all the latest business news from the UAE and Gulf countries, follow us on Twitterand LinkedIn, like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube page, which is updated daily.

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