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The Giant Organism – Have you met the largest living being on the earth before

The Largest Tree on Earth

The undisputed King of the Forest, the General Sherman Tree is not only the largest living tree in the world, but the largest living organism, by volume, on the planet.

Although the top of the tree is dead, it continues growing in circumference. A giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum), General Sherman is:

* ~ 2,100 years old

* ~ 2.7 million pounds

* ~ 83.82 meters tall

* ~ 30.5 meters wide at its trunk

The Tallest Tree in the World | Horn Necklace Sarah Beekmans

A peaceful moment in heavy snowfall at Sequoia National Park, California.

Incredible Trees in Sequoia National Park, California 📍 Sequoia National Park

The worlds largest tree, the giant sequoia. Sequoia National Park. United States 🇺🇸 STOP!…. breathe!

This tree is older than Jesus.

2,200 years old.

275 feet tall and 102-foot circumference. . . .

List of superlative trees - Wikipedia

The largest tree by volume The world’s largest tree is a stately giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) known as General Sherman in California’s Sequoia National Park.

This majestic arboreal master is about 52,500 cubic feet in volume.

As described by the National Parks Service, computing the volume of a standing tree is the practical equivalent of calculating the volume of an irregular cone.

For purposes of volume comparison, they explain, only the trunk of a giant sequoia is measured, including the restored volume of basal fire scars.

And while it hulks at a 274.9 feet in height, it doesn’t come close to the tallest tree, also in the Golden State. That honor goes to Hyperion, a 379.7-foot-tall redwood.

World's Largest Trees GIANT SEQUOIAS | 4K - YouTube

Surprisingly, at 2,000 years old, General Sherman is only a middle-aged giant sequoia, based on ring counts other sequoias are believed to be more than 3,220 years old.

But, even so, the General beats all other trees when it comes to bulk.

Sequoia National Park

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