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Meet The World Most Intelligent Criminals In History.

Mamoru Samuragochi.

Nope, he isn’t a serial murderer, rapist or cartel leader. He’s one of the most prolific musical fraudsters in history.
Born in Japan, Samuragochi, a Japanese composer from Hiroshima Prefecture, gave a worldwide announcement that he was deaf.

He convinced everyone that he had a hearing disability, before producing large volumes of musical masterpieces including premiered symphonies, the theme song for Resident Evil and widely acclaimed Warlords.
However, the catch was that he wasn’t actually deaf. But no one really bothered to verify in the hype of the moment, and he quickly got the title “Digital Age Beethoven”.

The bigger catch was that he didn’t actually write those pieces – his accomplice, Takashi Niigaki, composed everything and let him soak up all the undeserving credit.
Samuragochi was intelligent in the sense that he acted highly eccentric and introverted, so that he could avoid getting interviewed and exposed as a fraud. He gave Niigaki lots of money to pacify him, for Niigaki was getting agitated that he wasn’t getting due recognition for pieces which he composed all by himself. Samuragochi knew he had the upper hand in this transaction nonetheless – after all, everyone wanted to believe that they had a modern-age Beethoven in their midst. No one wanted to be proven otherwise.

Samuragochi’s fame as a prolific composer managed to survive a full eighteen years, before he was finally exposed as a fraud. After getting forced to participate in an interview, Samuragochi slipped up and did things that hinted that he wasn’t completely deaf – he answered before the interpreter was done gesturing, stood up to answer the doorbell, and showed poor understanding of the theory behind his composed pieces. Niigaki rode this skeptism to his advantage and exposed him as a true musical fraud, much to everyone’s dismay and disappointment. Both have given a public apology to their “fans”, and Samuragochi was arrested.

With most criminals in history, justice has been served. But he remains one of the most intelligent criminals for building up such an impenetrable illusion of his capability that no one wanted to be proven otherwise, and this was a rare case where nobody wanted the criminal to be exposed (excepts perhaps the jealous Niigaki).
The most intelligent criminals really get others to do the work for them.
Theodore John Kaczynski , was a mathematical prodigy and budding mathematician-of-note when he dropped out of society and began his bombing campaign (which I won’t rehash here.)
He avoided capture because when it came to mail-bombing, he was good. He was really, really good. The best there ever was.
With meticulous care, he first found out how law enforcement solved this sort of crime. Then he used this knowledge to jam up the FBI. Their investigation of him was the longest ever in their history and – prior to his publishing his manifesto – they had made absolutely zero progress. He never appeared on a working suspect list. The FBI didn’t even have a good guess as to where he was, how many people he was – just nothing.
His bombs were made from ordinary household objects obtained from scrap heaps and junk yards. Anything that required any sort of manufacturing process – like a switch – he fashioned himself if at all possible. Batteries were stripped of their covers, their caps filed down to remove any numbers, markings, or other identifying characteristics.
Somehow, he never got a single finger-print on anything. Not a strand of hair, a flake of skin, a tiny droplet of saliva from a sneeze.
Next came the more devious part : He added false evidence. Hair clippings from God-knows where. Metal parts with markings intact from an antique shop in Texas. Cotton fibers from the lint-trap of a New York laundry mat. That sort of thing.
It sent the investigators chasing a thousand false leads, sifting through microscopic debris, all in vain.

“He’s been driving us up the wall for 18 years,”— Bob Holland, BATF
He sent private letters to the FBI announcing himself (and sometimes taunting them), carefully phrased to conceal his education and intelligence. The Feds profiled him as having, at best, a high school education. (He was a Harvard educated PhD.)
While he was against modern technology in all its forms, he targeted airlines in particular to send false signals regarding his motives. Pissed-off airline employee?
He’d take a 24-hour bus ride to drop the package into a distant mailbox, causing the FBI to think he was in California, not Montana.
He stopped mailing bombs for a period of six years, making the Feds wonder if he’d blown himself up. Investigators experienced with his case got reassigned to more urgent matters.
Then he started again.
He was playing several chess moves ahead of the Feds. He managed to arrange things such that – the more you investigated the crime, the less you knew about him.
Diabolically brilliant.
This is James Verone.
A lot of you probably already know about this guy because this incident happened way back in 2011.
James Verone left his home in Gastonia, North Carolina, on the 9th of June 2011 and did something that I consider genius.
He went to a nearby bank and handed the clerk a note that said,
“This is a bank robbery. Please give me one dollar.”

James handed this note and sat by waiting for the police.
Before this, he sent a letter to a local paper, The Gaston Gazette, announcing that he would be attempting a robbery very quickly and that he was a man of sound mind, but not a sound body.
He would then go on to invite The Gaston Gazette to interview him at the Gaston County Jail where he was behind bars for stealing from a person, as $1 was too little for the prosecutors to press a robbery charge.
Turns out, James was a delivery man at Coca-Cola and when he lost the job he had held for around 2 decades, he lost the health insurance that came along with it.
He was suffering from a growth on his chest, arthritic joints and a gammy foot and decided that the only way he was going to make life better was through state healthcare.
Probably not the most intelligent criminal in history but James Verone is truly a man of sound mind

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