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We enjoyed watching these guys as kids. They were funny and entertaining. But how time flies!! How many of them can we still recognize today?

1.    Jaleel White: Remember Jaleel, who played the role of Steve Urkel on Family Matters? He’s all grown-up now.

2.    Jonathan Lipnicki: Jonathan starred in movies like Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little. But if you see him now, you won’t believe it’s the same person.

3.    Ivana Baquero: The Spanish actor played the role of Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth. She’s now a grown woman.

4.    Miko Hughes: He starred in Pet Sematary, New Nightmare and Merury Rising. How time flies!

5.    Alexa Vega: Remember Spy Kids? Alexa played the role of Carmen Cortez. But I bet you won’t recognize her anymore if you she walks past your street.

6.    Jaden Smith: Son of legendary actor and singer Will Smith, Jaden starred in the 2010 film Karate Kid, alongside Jackie Chan. But he looks so so different now.

7.    Anthony Michael Hall: He starred in several films in the mid-80’s like The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Weird Science. But now he doesn’t look anything like you used to know him.

8.    Tahj Mowry: He starred in Smart Guy as T.J Henderson years back. My! He looks so different now.

9.    Cole Sprouse: Alongside his twin brother Dylan, Cole starred in The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck. You won’t recognize him anymore if you saw him.

10.   Macaulay Culkin: I’m sure you remember the 1990 film Home Alone? Macaulay Culkin played the role of Kevin McCallister. He is 39 years old now and my, you’d find it hard to believe it’s the same person.

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