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The “Devil’s Pond” is a natural-formed rock pool located at the top of Victoria Falls, about 110 meters high.

Victoria Falls is known by locals as Mosiotunnia Falls, which means “thundering rain and fog.” It is located at the junction of Zimbabwe and Zambia in Africa. It is one of the world-renowned natural landscapes because of its spectacular scenery.

Devil's Pool, the most dangerous pool in the world

For most of the year, the flowing river pours down from the top of the waterfall. But when the dry season comes, the amount of water decreases and calms down. The rock on the top edge of the cliff forms a natural fence, so that the river water no longer flows down. A small amount of river water blocked by rocks forms a natural pool at the top of the waterfall. Because the pond is located on the edge of a cliff, it is called “Devil’s Pool”.

Many tourists are attracted by this rare and unique landscape, and head to the “Devil’s Pool” to experience the most dangerous swimming pool in the world.

In fact, although the “Devil’s Pond” has a daunting name, because it is surrounded by rocks, tourists do not need to worry about their safety. Tourists who have personally experienced in the pool said that, except for the roaring water around them, the “Devil’s Pool” is not as dangerous as it sounds.

Unforgettable experience

Francesco Stuglin, 35, is a software engineer in Seattle, Washington. He went to Devil’s Pond with his wife, Angela, to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Devil's Pool, the most dangerous pool in the world

Francesco described the unforgettable experience of his and his wife to the Daily Mail reporter on the 23rd: “I’m excited to be in the ‘Devil’s Pond.’ I thought I might be swept away by the rapids at any time. Feeling vertigo and fear. At the same time I had to protect myself from this danger. “

Devil's Pool, the most dangerous pool in the world

And when 30-year-old Angela wore her body over the edge of the waterfall in a bikini, she felt like “flying above the waterfall”, which felt quite thrilling.

“Some people start screaming when they jump into the pool, and some people choose to quietly appreciate the charm of the” Devil’s Pool “, such as carefully watching the special scenery around them, which is another fun,” Francesco described.

He feels that “Devil’s Pool” is his best wedding anniversary with his wife, “It even makes us more emotional than bungee jumping.”

Devil's Pool, the most dangerous pool in the world

The natural “Devil’s Pool” attracts tourists from all over the world for its thrills and unique landscapes.

Devil's Pool, the most dangerous pool in the world

It was first discovered in 1855 by Scottish missionaries and some explorers. The water of the waterfall comes from the Zambezi River. When the river is full, the water flowing up to 7500 cubic meters per second. The rushing river rushes to the cliff, forming the Victoria Falls with a splash of water. Even clouds can be seen 40 kilometers away. Mist of water.

“Devil’s Pool” is a naturally formed rock pool. It is said that the Crulu people who once lived near the waterfall never dared to approach it. The neighbouring Tonga people even regard it as a fetish and regard the rainbow as the incarnation of the gods. They often perform black slaughter rituals to worship the gods near the sun on the east side of the waterfall.

[Can only swim for two months each year]

Because the waterfall is so dangerous, it attracts brave people all over the world. They heard that only in the dry season from September to October of each year, the water in the pool was relatively small and relatively calm, leaving no waterfalls along the rock wall. During the flood season from March to May, the water flow is 15 times that of the dry season. So, they have to jump into the pool to swim in the dry season.

Devil's Pool, the most dangerous pool in the world

When the azure pool of water is dead like no one knows it is a “devil”-only the corpse in exile downstream of the waterfall warns people: approach me and drown you.

[There is a feeling of imminent death]

Even so, there is a constant stream of brave challengers. They paddled in the pool, held a camera by the pool, took pictures, and lay on the edge to make a flying action. Even more brave father hugged his son who had just had milk teeth and looked down the cliff.

“It looks dangerous, but it’s actually safe.” This is how most swimmers feel. “You are standing on the edge of the waterfall, watching the waterfall cascading down and making a thunderous roar. No matter how you yell, you cannot hear your own voice. Your adrenaline is flowing in the body, and you seem to realize It’s time to feel close to death. “David Ron recalled his feelings in the” Devil’s Pool “.

Devil's Pool, the most dangerous pool in the world

He said that although the pool water is cool, when you really swim, your body will tremble with excessive excitement, which is quite fatal for swimming in such a dangerous area. Only at this time will swimmers understand why people are warned in travel guides not to eat before swimming here.

Devil's Pool, the most dangerous pool in the world

The majority of swimmers at the “Devil’s Pool” are adults and children. I don’t know if it is because men like to explore, or because there is a beautiful legend here.

It is said that a long time ago, under the deep pools of Victoria Falls, a group of flowers-like girls appeared every day. They would beat the golden drums unique to Africa day and night. When the snoring of the golden drum came out from the water , The waterfall will emit a roaring sound.

Devil's Pool, the most dangerous pool in the world

After a while, the girls began to surface. The colorful clothes they wore under the sun’s rays emitted golden light and reflected into the sky. People could see beautiful rainbows dozens of kilometers away. Their graceful dancing poses stirred the water, turning them into sprays and forming clouds.

Devil's Pool, the most dangerous pool in the world

If tourists stand on the edge of the cliff opposite the waterfall, the handkerchiefs they get will be wet by the splashing water from the waterfall. Inadvertently being washed down the waterfall According to reports, the “Devil’s Pool” is the most dangerous swimming pool in the world.

It is reported that most of the year, the water of Victoria Falls is always choppy, and anyone who dares to enter the “Devil’s Pool” at this time will be immediately swept down the cliff by the current. But if it is in the dry season, due to the slowing down of the water flow, “tourists” can play games in the pool relatively safely.

Devil's Pool, the most dangerous pool in the world

Even so, the water speed in the “Devil’s Pool” is still as high as 1088 cubic meters per second, and there is no fence at the edge of the “Devil’s Pool”, which means that the “visitors” in it are slightly inattentive and may still follow The rushing water washed down the waterfall.

Devil's Pool, the most dangerous pool in the world

In addition, even the journey to the “Devil’s Pool” is a dangerous journey-visitors must first walk for 3 hours on the mountain road, with slippery stones at their feet and the danger of falling down.

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