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Sazdel, 42-year-old had lived in the country for 10 years

الكويت ترحّل المذيعة اللبنانية ⁧‫سازديل‬⁩ بسبب جمال جسدها

Cairo: Kuwaiti authorities have deported Lebanese TV presenter Sazdel for posting online video clips and pictures of hers seen as violating public morals, media reports said.

The General Directorate of Criminal Investigations referred Sazdel to the deportation department and a departure ticket was booked for her on a Beirut-bound flight, Kuwaiti newspaper Al Qabas said, citing security sources.

The deportation decision was taken by the Interior Ministry for “public interest,” the paper said.

Sazdel, 42, vowed to return to Kuwait despite her deportation, another paper reported.

“What happened to me and the Interior Ministry’s deportation decision will evaporate once I show a contract of my marriage to a Kuwaiti,” she told Al Rai newspaper.

“He is now travelling abroad. When he returns, I’ll show it [the contract] and return to Kuwait because my husband is a Kuwaiti and they have no right to deport me,” she added.

Sazdel, nicknamed Kim Kardashian of the Arabs, had stayed for 10 years in Kuwait.

Marwan Ghayad

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