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PUBG the most famous game in the world for the year 2017 , And today we have 5 wonderful facts that many people do not know about PUBG


1- the PUBG game set a world record in terms of the number of players who play simultaneously , reaching more that 1.35 million in the year 2014

2- the PUBG game is famous for having cars that we move from one place to another and the best PUBG cars is the Dacia car and if you while playing , do not hesitate to take it .

3- the first month of the release of the PUBG game , more that 2 million copies of the game sold .


4- PUBG is one of games in the world that became famous without ads . They just developed and modified it so that players can enjoy the game .

5- it was announced in August 2017 that the PUBG is a best game of the year.

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