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Tennessee resident Gavin Sumner was born with missing fingers, left foot and also only had 40per cent of his tongue. But he will now be able to hold and grip things for the first time in his life after receiving custom made 3D printed fingers for Christmas.

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Gavin Sumner who was born without fingers will now be able to hold and grip things, thanks to a local 3D printer.

An 11-year-old Tennessee boy who was born without any fingers received one of the best Christmas gifts he could ever imagine — a pair of custom 3D-printed hands.

Gavin Sumner, who had trouble performing simple tasks, will now be able to hold and grip things for the first time in his life thanks to Anthony Economos, who designed and printed the custom-made hands.

Watch the video here: 

According to reports, Economos is the owner of Bedrock Creative, a marketing and product development firm, and decided to help the boy after his mother Kori Sumner connected with him on Facebook a year earlier.

The 11-year old was born without fingers and his left foot. He also has only 40 per cent of his tongue. The boy’s family had set up a surprise for him and tricked him into going to the Mayor’s office, saying his aunt was getting an award. However, it was Sumner who received the best gift that will change his life forever.

Recalling the moment when her son received the custom made fingers, Kori said that she was grateful to Economos and his team who took almost a year of modifications and trials.

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