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Rescue teams fight Fires in Antalya Turkey

Climate Change

Climate change has been a big issue for the modern world in the 21st century. The recent fires in turkey, Greece and Algeria are one of its short comings. The fires in turkey have caused the death of at least 8 people and countless animals. Billions of trees across the country have been the victim of the deadly fires.

Fires in Turkey

A total of 270 fires broke out in the country in last two weeks. The fires started in 180 different locations in 34 cities on 28th July. The most affected areas were Antalya, Mersin and Muğla. Nearly 95,000 hectares (235,000 acres) burned so far this year, compared with an average of 13,516 at the same point in the years between 2008 and 2020.

Rescue operation

The wildfires spread hundreds of kilometers. As a result, a big rescue operation took place. About 10,000 firefighters, hundreds of fire trucks, 51 helicopters and many jet planes participated in the rescue operation. In addition, thousands of volunteers also participated in the operation.

Despite Turkey’s own resources. Foreign Aid in the form of firetrucks, planes, helicopters and Fire fighters arrived near the Mediterranean to cool down the flames. Following are its details:

Aerial Fire fighters
  • Azerbaijan – 750 firefighters, 93 trucks, helicopter and plane.
  • Kuwait – 45 firefighters and 6 trucks
  • Croatia – airplanes
  • France – airplanes
  • Greece – offer refused by Turkey
  • Israel – airplanes
  • Iran – airplanes
  • Spain – airplanes
  • Romania – airplanes
  • Russia – airplanes
  • Poland – S-70i helicopter
  • Ukraine – airplanes
  • USA – 2 water dropping CH-47 Chinook helicopters

Our Role

The recent fires caused an increase in temperature by 1.5 degree Celsius. This situation is very alarming. As the climate change is causing irreversible effects on Earth. As the fires cool down we all must play a role to decrease the effects of global warming by Planting more trees.

Mohsin Mazari

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