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by Veronica Phillips

Unfortunate things can happen anytime and anywhere. However, some are more dangerous than others. Sometimes, people get the chance to capture those scary moments when they happen. In their world, these people are unknowingly going on with their business without knowing what lies ahead for them. Below are some of the last known photos taken of each of these people.

Head to head with a tiger

We would all love to see a live tiger but only from afar. However, one man by the name of Maqsood Khan decided it was time to come face to face with a tiger. He jumped in the tiger’s den located in the New Delhi zoo.

Bystanders could only look as they stood in shock while the tiger assessed the man for about 15 minutes.The people began to throw stones with the aim of scaring away the tiger. In contrast, this only seemed to anger the predator, who pounced on Khan. Reports came in after the incident suggested that Khan might have been suffering from a mental disorder.

The final minutes of Lisa Lopes

You have probably heard about Lisa Lopes. She was in the girl band TLC and was also referred to as “Left Eye.” Lisa breathed her last breath while recording one of her video diaries as a truck came straight at her. She tried to swerve her car to no vain.

Lisa had bagged four Grammys, and her career was at a peak when she lost her life. There were two other people in the car, and they both survived the crash. Unfortunately, Lisa did not make it.

The 2004 Tsunami

At times Mother Nature decides to misbehave, and 2004 was one of those times. Many people will never forget the 2004 Tsunami in South East Asia that claimed thousands of people’s lives. Many people, including local people and tourists, lost their possessions, homes, and lives.

Some of the things were reclaimed after the horrific incident. Deborah Garlick was one of the people who lost their lives in the Tsunami. The above picture was sent to her parents after some of her possessions were found

The Challenger Incident

Being an astronaut is an exciting thing as you get to travel to space. However, the astronauts in this image had no reason to believe that anything would go wrong. The challenger plane had landed several times before this incident occurred.

However, this time things took a bitter twist. Within 73 seconds of taking off, an important element broke, resulting in a crash that left all seven astronauts dead. It was a terrifying moment to all the onlookers but more so to the families of the astronauts who were on board.

Falling from a Height

Selfies took the world by a storm, and some people went to extreme lengths to get the perfect selfie. Some people would even find the scariest and most dangerous places to take them. This was the case of one 18-year-old Xenia Ignatyeva. She climbed a 30 feet bridge to take a selfie.

As luck wouldn’t have it, she fell off from the bridge. However, it wasn’t the fall that took away her life. As she was falling, she tried holding on to anything she could get hold off. Unfortunately, she got hold of electrical wires, which sadly ended her life.

Struck by Lightning

Something’s might seem hilarious until they happen. This was the case for these two brothers Sean and Michael, who took photos while on a camping spree at Sequoia National park. What they did not know is that the park was bound to be subject to lightning strikes.

Sean and Michael were both struck by lightning minutes after the above picture was taken. Nevertheless, the two brothers survived and returned home to their everyday lives. The above picture will serve as a momento of the night, which they almost lost their lives.

Taking a Fall

Some people love the adrenaline rush that comes with doing crazy stuff. Pavel Kashin is one adrenaline junkie who loves performing such crazy stunts. After successfully performing thousands of stunts, he thought that none of his moves could backfire on him.

Matter of fact, on this fateful day, he went on a 16-floor building, stood, and attempted a back flip. He managed to land the flip but lost his footing and fell off the building. Onlookers could only watch terrified as his life came to an end. With sadness, his parents commented and said they hoped people learned from Pavel’s death.

Paul Walker’s last ride

Fast and Furious is a movie that was loved by many. One of the actors who was sensational and had stolen the hearts of his fans was Paul Walker. His sudden death came as a shock to the world. Walker was involved in a greasy car accident that saw to the end of his life.

The above picture showed the last time Paul Walker rode the Porsche Carrera GT. The accident happened minutes after he got into the car. The car caught fire while Walker was inside. 

A deadly charity stunt

People do all sorts of weird and crazy things daily. What made this charity stunt devastating was the thought that it was all for a good cause. Robert Overacker was trying to give back to society by raising money for the homeless people by jet-skiing over the Niagra Falls.

The objective of the stunt was to attract mass attention, which required a crazy stunt. Sadly for him, his parachute failed to open. The fall was severe, and Robert lost his life in the process.

The last picture of Biggie Smalls

Biggie Smalls, who’s real name was Christopher Wallace, died in 1997. The below picture was the last one that Biggie took before he was shot.

Biggie had even hired security as he already feared his life was in danger. However, his killer was not sentenced, and his identity is still not known till today. Fans were upset when they heard the news of his demise.

The oncoming train

Many people fear the thought of suddenly being pushed in front of an oncoming train. Anything can happen when it is crowded in a train station. It would only take one lousy person to shove you right in front of a train.

One man, named Ki-Suk Han was pushed in front of an oncoming train in New York City. The man could not manage to save himself on time, and he ended up losing his life. Someone captured a picture of him seconds before the train run him over.

The nurse who caught Ebola

Ebola virus is one of the most contagious and horrifying viruses. As it continued to spread, the doctors and nurses had to choose between saving their patients or risking their lives for the patients or saving themselves. One courageous nurse called Mayinga N’Seka decided to throw caution to the wind.

She instead opted to help as many patients as possible. As fate would not have it, she ended up contracting the virus and passed on despite her efforts to save her patients. This picture was taken days before she contracted the virus.

Flight 182

An airplane crash is one of the worst things anyone can wish to happen. One early morning in September 1978, as passengers boarded Flight 182, they did not know the disaster awaiting them.

The plane collided with another plane identified as Cessna 172 light. The plane immediately crashed to the ground, and it collided with 22 houses. The fatal plane crash took the lives of 137 passengers.

Suicide on Live Television

It is unusual for a person to take their lives on live television. However, Bud Dwyer decided to shock people nationwide by doing so. Bud was the Pennsylvania treasurer, and it was not an unusual request when he went on live television since he had done this several times.

However, on this day in 1987, he went live on TV and pulled out a gun. He had no intention of hurting other people. Hence he turned the firearm and shot himself. It was a terrifying sight for all who watched.

The final tightrope

Many people are attracted to watch people perform dangerous stunts such as aerobics and gymnastics. While many performers choose to observe safety measures, Karl Wallenda knew his fans loved to watch the danger that came with performing his stunts. Hence, he chose not to have any safety measures in place.

Unluckily, this ignorance led to his untimely death. He was aged 73 when he performed his last stunt. Karl lost his balance while he was 121 feet above the ground. His fans comforted themselves, saying that he at least died doing what he loved doing best.

An encounter with a bear

Many movies have humanized bears a lot. Some of the bears in these movies can even talk. Naturally, bears are defensive and assertive creatures. This man was out for a walk when he came face to face with a brown bear. Instead of reacting, he took out his phone and took pictures.

By the time he had finished capturing this terrifying moment, the bear had already enclosed him. As you could have imagined, the man did not survive this meeting. His body was recovered together with his phone revealing his final moments.

The last moments of Princess Diana

This is the last picture that was taken of Princess Diana before the fatal crash in 1997. Prince Harry said that there might have been other pictures taken by the paparazzi after the accident.

Princess Diana was famous, and her death was mourned worldwide. She died at 36 years. She was in the car with her bodyguard, the driver, and Dodi Fayed. However, the bodyguard is the only one who survived the crash.

Taken by the water

The below couple visited Niagra falls and decided to capture the moment. However, a tourist behind them decided to climb over the rails for a better picture. She was a 20-year-old student from Canada.

When she had taken the picture and was about to come back over the railing, she lost her balance and slipped into the water. There was nothing she or the onlookers could have done as she slowly lost her precious life.

James Dean’s Car

James Dean became famous after featuring in the movies “Rebels without a Cause.” He made a name for himself quickly and won over the hearts of many people in the process. To this day, he remains a legend in the movie industry. The below picture was taken when James was about to enter the car and drive his last.

He was later involved in a deadly car crash that left him with fatal injuries. The car was later termed as “cursed” after being involved in various accidents after James’s death.

Living on the edge of danger

There is a comfort that comes with living in your home near civilization. Others prefer living on the Edge of danger, and David Johnson was one of those people who loved taking risks. He was a volcanologist studying Mount St. Helens.

The mountain erupted in 1980, claiming his life. David was six miles away from the volcano when it erupted. He was the first to warn people about the eruption giving them ample time to vacate the area. Sadly, he passed on together with 57 other occupants who were not fast enough.

The Panama Jungle mystery

These two young Dutch had planned to take a guarded tour through the Panama jungle. They decided to check out the jungle alone a day earlier than planned. Lisanne Front and Kris Kremers took the below picture while on tour before they went missing.

Afterward, people found their mobile phones lying in the jungle. When their cellphones were checked, it turned out they had tried calling emergency services for several days. To worsen things, only their bones were later discovered in the forest.

A friends betrayal

Nothing hurts like being betrayed by a close friend. This looks like a typical picture of two friends who care for one another. However, the events that unfolded afterward depict otherwise.

Cheyenne Antoine, the second girl in this picture allegedly, took the belt her friend was wearing and strangled her. When questioned, Antoine said she did not recall what happened. The incident happened due to excessive alcohol consumption. After investigations were carried out, she was found guilty and sentenced to seven years in jail.

A fatal windmill fire

Two engineers went to perform regular windmill maintenance. Little did they know that things could go wrong. The turbine was trapped, and the windmill caught fire.

The fire covered the only exit from the windmill, and the two engineers were trapped inside. They both knew they could not survive this ordeal. One of the engineers decided to jump off the windmill and died while the other one succumbed to the fire.

The first and last Tinder date

Many people go for online dates to find love. Just like thousands of other people, Sydney Loofe went on a tinder date with the hope of meeting her soul mate. The below selfie was the last one she took just before she went out to meet her date.

Her date ended up taking her life and claimed that it was an accident. The man claimed the accident happened as Sydney engaged in intimate actions with three other people. There was no evidence to prove his claims. Forensics discovered the man suffocated her.

The Humboldt Broncos last pictures

The Humboldt team headed for a game in Saskatchewan when their bus was suddenly hit by a truck. The bus failed to stop at a stop sign, and it hit the Humboldt bus.

The bus was hit at a speed of 62 miles per hour. The accident claimed the lives of 16 people, and 13 others were severely injured.

Flight 571

People travel by plane every day, but things could turn from good to worse in minutes when it encounters a problem midair. This is the renowned Uruguayan Flight 571. The plane crashed in the Andes in 1972.

The crash took the lives of 12 people on the spot, and 33 people were left alive but with severe wounds. It took 72 days for these people to be rescued, and they had to survive while in the mountains. By the end of the three days, only 16 people were found alive and were rescued. This was the last picture taken before the plane took off.

The Yosemite disappearance

This picture was taken by a hiker who was traveling around Yosemite Mountain. The photo only shows a person’s feet while sitting on top of a ledge. After the picture was taken, there was no evidence to show where the hiker had gone.

A month later, people found a man’s lifeless body lying at the bottom of the cliff where the photo was taken. His phone was found at the cliff’s top, which made people think the man fell off from the cliff while taking a photo.

The harvest music festival shooting

Every year thousands of people attend music festivals. On such occasion people don’t expect anything to go wrong. If they knew something horrifying awaits them, they wouldn’t leave the comforts of their home. In 2017 the Route 91 Harvest music festival experienced a significant calamity. A man shot down 50 people and injured 400 others.

This picture of a lovely couple enjoying their time together was taken during the festive before shooting began. The woman whose name is Denise Burditus was among the people killed during the commotion. However, her husband was lucky enough to survive the attack.

The 2014 Malaysian airplane crash

Vacations are a great way of unwinding and spending time with your loved ones. That is what Young Gary Slock and his mother Petra were about to do. Go on a vacation, and have a great holiday. However, little did they know they would not enjoy their vacation as their plane was taken down.

A missile collided with the plane that was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The crash took the lives of every person who was on board. The plane had around 300 passengers who all lost their lives. 

A nightclub fire

One evening in 2003, the band Great White was performing on stage when the club caught fire. The band had organized pyrotechnics in the club as they performed. The pyrotechnics turned out to be the cause of the fire.

The soundproofing material in the club was highly flammable, and this led the fire to spread quickly. Someone had a chance and took a photo of the moment the guitarist noticed things going ablaze. In a glimpse, everything went up in flames, and around 100 people lost their lives.

Testing an aircraft

Back in the 1940s, when aircraft were not created, people used to cycle. The men in this picture had their first picture taken in an aircraft just before it took off. It was a demonstration of how the aircraft worked.

William Becker, who was the Mayor of St. Louis, was also on the aircraft. Once the craft took off, the right-wing broke off, making the plane crash and killing all on board. The demonstration failed to work.

The Omagh bombing

You might think that car bombing isn’t real, or it just happens in the movies. The truth is they are very real and lethal. This picture was taken just minutes after a bomb went off in Omagh, a town located in Ireland.

The bomb was in the car just next to wear this couple was standing. As luck would have it, these two people survived, but the person taking the photo died. Over 200 people were injured during the explosion, making it a devastating bombing.

The Ash flying

Natural disasters are dangerous as compared to the ones caused by man. This is because, unlike man-made disasters, we can do nothing when nature decides to act up. If you live anywhere near a volcano, the best thing you can do is flee to safety to avoid damage. Below is a picture showing the vicious power of volcanoes.

The photo was taken when Mt. St Helen erupted, and the ash was flying in the air. The photographer Robert Landsberg who took this picture died amidst the ongoing chaos and destruction.

Mother and daughter

Just like with car accidents, plane crashes are bound to happen at one time or the other. Plane crashes are not that common, and it’s unnerving even to think that the plane you are traveling in is not a safe place to be. Most people fly and reach their destination safely. However, not everyone is this lucky. This is a picture of a mother and her daughter, who were just about to take off.

As the plane flew over Ukraine, the Russian forces shot a missile at the craft, killing all on board. The only thing that remained was this photo of Dave Halley’s wife and daughter as they were about to embark on their never to come back journey.

Helping the students

The worst thing that can happen to you is being in the center of a shooting, and this was the case for students from Columbine High school. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold executed a shooting plan which they had been working on for a year. These two students walked into their school one day and shot 13 people before killing themselves.

As much as this story was awful, there was still an aspect that showed a brighter side of humanity. This photo taken happens to be one of them. The photo shows a teacher named William Sanders, and he hurriedly tries to evacuate the students to safety.

Murder at the Bataclan Theater

In 2015, there were a series of attacks that went down in Paris. The terrorists were in frizz, and they executed multiple bombings and shooting that led to more than 100 casualties. About 90% of those deaths happened at Bataclan Theater. The Eagles of Death Metal band was performing there, and shooters gunned down the audience. Here we see a picture of two people on a date just before the shootings began.

The woman in the picture is Marianne Lebanane, and she survived the attack because the man Gilles Leclerc threw her to the ground once the gunmen started to open fire at the audience.

The death of Harambe

There are very few cultural events that affected people as much as the demise of one Harambe. It might seem unrealistic that the death of a gorilla can bring humanity together. However, the death of Harambe did precisely this.

Harambe was shot when a child fell into the gorilla’s enclosure, and the zoo guards feared that he might attack the child. The picture was taken when Harambe was about to pick the child and shortly before he was shot. It is still unclear whether Harambe intended to harm the child or not.

The start of World War 1

World War 1 is one of the most talked-about events in history. It was the first time the whole world had been engaged in war, resulting in high casualty rates. It all started with some assassination.

Anyone who has read about the WW1 knows that the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by Gavrila Princip is what triggered the war. This was the last picture of Archduke when he was still alive. He was killed an hour later after this photo was taken.

Preparing for a deadly climb

Regardless of the preparations you make, mountaineering is and will always be a dangerous activity. Once you set out on your journey, you should know that it is you against the mountain. As much as you think you are well prepared, there’re things the mountain can do that you were not prepared for.

Also, you need to know when to back off even it means turning back even if you were just five feet from the summit. Sandy Irvine and George Mallory decided to set off and climb the world’s biggest mountain Everest, Mount. The two never came back, and no one knows what happened to them.

The story of Joseph Avery

The story of joseph Avery is a sad one. Joseph was taking his boat down the Niagara River together with two other men when the strong water currents destroyed their boat. The river washed down the two men, but Joseph managed to save himself from the rapids.

He climbed on a rock where he waited for 18 hours for help to come. An unnamed boat was sent to him, and he thought he had finally been rescued. He tried getting into the boat, but it immediately capsized, killing him. In this photo, he is seeing waiting on a rock for rescue.

The end of a music legend

Johnny Cash is one of the few legendary musicians. He was the first man to introduce the world to the sounds of country music. He also helped change people’s minds about the music genre. He died in 2013 after the demise of his wife.

After the death of his wife, he continued performing until his last breath. This is a picture of him performing for the last time in one of his concerts. Johnny did not live for long afterward from the time this photo was taken. He is remembered to date for his contributions to art and music.

Photographing his killer

In photography, being in the right place at the right place is a vital mantra. If you want to get a good photo, you must get the perfect shot and use artificial lighting. You might get that perfect shot, but nothing compares to the moment you capture a moment just in time.

The above photo shows how such a moment was captured. Reynaldo Dagsa took the photo. He aimed to take a photo of his family, but he ended up also taking a picture of the man who was bound to kill him. The man on the left is the one who killed him.

A vacation gone south

Selfies are a great way of capturing incredible moments or just taking a cool photo. Some people might even go to great lengths to get that one cool photo, as seen in other selfies on this list. Jamie Zimmerman decided to take a selfie while on vacation in Hawaii.

She took a walk when she found a ledge and decided to sit on it and take a photo. After she took this photo, she immediately fell off from the ledge and died on the spot. This photo shows her enjoying the beautiful scenery

moments before she fell.

The death of Robin Williams

Celebrity deaths always shock the world, and they end up leaving people, whether fans or not, in great sadness. There’s a sadness that accompanies the death of someone in the entertainment scene. This was seen when Robin Williams died.

Robin was one of the most loved actors during his time. Additionally, he was seen as a gentle and comforting person by all those who knew him. When he committed suicide, people around the world were shocked and filled with grief. This picture was taken a few days before he killed himself.

Death Before a wedding

It’s the dream of every girl to get married and spend her life with the love of her life. But these dreams at times can be cut short! That is what happened to one Colleto Moreno. Colleto was driving with her friend to her bachelorette party. Little did she know she was about to die some minutes later.

Colleto was with her friend Ashley Theobald who was also the driver. Ashley collided with a lorry after trying to overtake it since it was emitting some nasty fumes. Moreno succumbed to her injuries, whereas Ashley survived. Ashley explained that she was overtaking to prevent Colleto from having an asthma attack.

John F Kennedy’s’ Assassination

John F Kennedy was visiting Texas, Dallas, together with his wife, Jackie. He didn’t know he was going to be shot dead. Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK In the middle of Delaware Plaza. People had turned out for the event in large numbers.

Also, numerous photos showed JFK waving to the crowd moment before he was assassinated. Luckily his wife was not hurt during the commotion. The assassination of JFK was one of the most shocking moments in US history.

Scuba dive

We all have things that excite us. Some of us love the thrill of taking risks, while others like staying in a comfort zone. There is an excitement that comes with knowing that you did something most people can’t do. These couples tried to beat nature at its own game by scuba diving, but one of them ended losing their life.

Tina Watson began to have complications while underneath the water. Her husband, who claimed to be an expert in scuba diving, was unable to save her. This picture was taken minutes before he abandoned his wife.


Skydiving is a great and exciting activity only if you have the expertise and control. However, it can turn out to be a dangerous activity for amateurs. You can hurt yourself or, worse still, end up dead.

Stephen Hidler was no expert, but still, he went ahead and jumped off the plane. His intentions were quite clear that he did not want to live. He made sure that his parachute did not open once he jumped off the plane. As you can guess, he did not make it.

Day before September 11th

September 11th was a sad day for many people. People lost their lives while others were injured.  Politics is a dirty game, and it was seen on this day. Those people who lost their lives had no part in the ongoing politics. They were just bystanders who were killed for nothing.

Joe Kelly was one of the casualties of the September 11th attack. He had two sons, and they had gone for a Yankees game the day before the attack. He had no idea the tragedy that awaited him less than 24 hours later.

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