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Looking up the internet with searches that corners around masturbation,you will see much phrases and slangs for it.

For much more people using slangs,suggests that they want to express theirselves but are uncomfortable to talk about it directly and even openly owing to the view of the society concerning the act,so they resort to using socially acceptable phrases.


Masturbation starts with almost every individual from childbirth yes that’s true and is a normal thing toddlers do touching their self,and some say is only natural and very okay.

A US representative samples about 94percent of men who take part in this, and about 84percent of women, although social perspectives vary.

There are often lies said to be the effects of masturbation which are,but not limited to, causing blindness or even insanity,it can also make organs fall off….as they said, and it can cause infertility.

But,in actual facts, scientifically proven there are a tons of good sides of masturbation which we are going to look into now.

For men,it reduces risks of prostate cancer which everyone should know about, because there are chances of flushing out some cancer causing bacterias..

It plays a vital role in immune improvement and proper functioning,thus increasing cortisol levels which normally regulate’s immune system functionality in little ways,also it increases endorphins in the bloodstream which is believed to helping reduce depression,most people get relieved after.

For the females,it can help prevent urinary tract infections through tenting owing that it stretches the cervix and mucous, which enables proper fluid circulation, flushing out bacterias,it also reduces risks of type 2 diabetes and reduce insomnia, and most importantly it reduces the risks of contacting STI’s thereby preventing infertility,also one of the safest and convenient ways to express your selves and there’s no risk of unwanted pregnancy,it reduces stress, depression and blood pressure and reduces pain.

There are even more to it…. insights from:The Conversation.

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