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Skills to start freelancing

Looking for skills to make some cash? Then start learning from free courses and start you career. Check my previous Blog here For online courses. Some of the most benefiting skills are mentioned below, with their brief description which will help you to start your freelance career:


Writing is vast field form blogging to product writing and from scripting to writing e-books. All fall under the category of writing. You don’t need to be very good in studies to start writing as there are plenty of tools that will definitely help you. All you need to do is to Practice, Start by taking a course and Niche down your desired field this will help you in getting more experience in that field.

Graphic Designing

 Graphic designing

In the era of digital media Graphics designing plays a vital role. From thumbnails to T-shirt designing you can make anything. If you are a creative person then graphic designing is made for you. You can get tons of courses related to graphic design on YouTube and other websites.


freelance website development

As long as Internet is there, UI & UX development will play its role in making websites beautiful as well as user friendly. In development of User Graphics you are to design landing pages and sometimes full websites. In User interface development you master the software’s like figma, Adobe XD etc. To create different websites.


freelance SEO services

If you want to see your website on top of the search you definitely need Search Engine Optimization. It is a work of selecting different keywords, Hashtags and some other techniques which you can master by taking different courses that are available on YouTube and other websites.

Digital Marketing

freelance digital marketing

One of the most in demand skill this year was digital marketing it is a cluster of SEO, writing and Graphic designing. It helps the user to get his or her product on Fire 🔥 . From mastering Google Ads to Facebook Marketplace all falls under the Category of Digital marketing.

Video Editing

freelance video editing

You need a video to get views or you want to become famous overnight ? All you need is to make one good video whether its tiktok or YouTube your creativity will make you stand out. Start learning now from any free websites. It is an easy skill to master, All you need is the will to work.

Virtual Assistance

freelance virtual assistance

Virtual Assistance is needed for people with businesses or those who never want to be offline so they hire Virtual assistant who helps them with their everyday tasks. There are different types of virtual assistance tasks from Amazon to managing meeting for your client you can land anywhere.

The above mentioned skills are only few from a long list. There are many other skills which you can get free of cost and start your freelance career.

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