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If your Distributed Cache is crashing repeatedly in your brand new SharePoint 2019 farm, there is a fairly simple fix you can run.

The Distributed Cache service can end up in a nonfunctioning or unrecoverable state if you do not follow the procedures that are listed in this article. In extreme scenarios, you might have to rebuild the server farm. For SharePoint Server 2019, 2016, and 2013, the Distributed Cache depends on Windows Server AppFabric as a prerequisite. Do not administer the AppFabric Caching Service from the Services window in Administrative Tools in Control Panel. Do not use the applications in the folder named AppFabric for Windows Server on the Start menu. Adding security for AppFabric with SharePoint distributed cache is not supported. For SharePoint Server Subscription Edition, the separate Windows Server AppFabric product has been deprecated and the technology has now been internally integrated within SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint Server :: SharePoint Server 2019

I have recently configured a SharePoint 2019 farm with server mini roles, this consists of:

  • 3 x Application Server custom with search
  • 3 x Web Front End & Distributed Cache

I have fully patched the farm and configured everything as expected, however I have recently noticed that the Distributed Cache Service is only showing as running on 1 server. If I go to the other server that is not displaying the distributed cache server as stopped I can see that the AppFabric Caching service is running as expected.

you can resolved this, by removed the distributed cache using:


Then added it again using:


It is now showing at started on services on server.

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