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The daughter of Mexican drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman has married the nephew of another drug baron in a lavish ceremony held in the cathedral of Sinaloa’s state capital Culiacan.

Alejandrina Gisselle Guzman married Edgar , the nephew of Blanca Margarita Cazares, an alleged cartel money launderer on January 25, according to Mexican newspaper Reforma.

The pair reportedly -arrived in luxury armored vehicles and heavily-armed drug cartel hitmen provided security for the couple
Culiacan citizens living and working around the cathedral told Reuters on Saturday that they had noticed an extravagant wedding but didn’t know who the couple was.

‘The church is for everyone,’ Sofia, who declined to give her surname, said. ‘But the church shouldn’t give privileges to anyone.’
Others agreed. ‘With money, you can close any building here,’ Francisca added. ‘It’s unfair.’

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