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Messi’s story about being locked in a toilet at 6 years old

Messi’s story about being locked in a toilet at 6 years old

Lionel Messi is the star of quite a curious story, at just 6 years old, the Argentine star was locked in the toilet, and after hitting the glass of the door, he helped his team win a match in a youth tournament.

There are players that belong to this planet and there are those that are superhuman, as is the case with lionel  Barca number 10 has an origin and it was at Newell’s.

Messi started his career there and a very curious story when he was 6 years old has to be told. Celia Cuccittini told it in first person.

Messi’s mum says that when Messi was young he got trapped in the toilet. The lock failed and he started to shout, but no one heard him.Main links

Finally, the Argentine star managed to break the glass of the door and went to the match that his team was playing. 

And he showed up with 20 minutes to go. And this short time was enough for him to score a hattrick, which allowed him to win a bike.

“I had never seen him so happy until that moment,” Celia Cuccitini said in some statements collected by ‘AS

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