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Scammers have lured people into paying with bitcoins, some have have promised people business opportunities, sponsorship and investment and even financial freedom if you trade with them. It is important to dig out whoever you decide to trade with and determine if the company is of good standards.

Fortunately CRYPTOMANIA EXCHANGE has been rated one of the most reliable digital currency trading company. They involve in buying of bitcoins, redeeming of gift cards and shipping of items from USA to Nigeria .They deal on all sorts of cards, from Amazon, Walmart, google play and others

CRYPTOMANIA EXCHANGE is one of  leading industry in Giftcard and Bitcoin exchange . CRYPTOMANIA EXCHANGE allows you to securely purchase or sell Giftcards and Bitcoin of any value, store them in a BTC or Local Currency Wallet and smoothly switch between the two of them for everyday transactions such as airtime, data and cable subscriptions.

CRYPTOMANIA EXCHANGE makes buying or selling of Bitcoin and Perfect money easy as cutting a piece of cake. It is so simple and seamless that with an email address, you are on your way to being a Bitcoin master.

The CRYPTOMANIA EXCHANGE website is the first of its kind. This fast-growing e-commerce company is fast attracting users from every nook and cranny of Africa, most especially, West African countries like Nigeria .

Trading on the platform is as easy as it can be, the landing page is very beautiful and soft on the eyes, not so crowded with too much information and it is designed to be straight to the point. They showcase a list of all their ambassadors to send a message of trust for their time users, generally, the aesthetics of the landing page is unique and is one of a kind. On cryptomania , you can access your accounts and manage payments from wherever you are, all round the clock.

CRYPTOMANIA EXCHANGE is a division of Cryptomania Technologies Limited, and is duly registered with CAC with RC Number. 3455622 . It is registered under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; and duly licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, and pursuant to the rules of Verve International Limited.


How to Use the platform

The first simple step to using their service is to create an account. A simple step of entering your data which includes your username, email address, phone number, and password. This data helps for easy capture and complaint solving. The process is seamless and well secured.

Next thing is the user interface where you have your dashboard, Wallet, Transactions, Complaints, Reports, Messages and Rates. 

Trading gift cards on the website is very fast. The arrangement and pattern are made in such a way that a toddler can navigate the site without being told what to do. As a new user on the site, you really do not have to go through any stress as the methods to trade stares at you right in the face. Selling your gift cards and other forms of cryptos such as bitcoin and perfect money is just a click away with a perfect step by step process.

With CRYPTOMANIA EXCHANGE , your account is very safe and secured by industry-standard cyber security, the company understands that honesty is the best way to keep their customers running back, reasons why their deals are fair and square. Easy and stress-free trade.

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