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Look at this 👇 beautiful bowl of super green summer!!! One of the healthiest salads you can eat. Filled with lots of parsley, this salad is rich in antioxidants, minerals and packed with vitamin K.

Fresh & Light 100% Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh

I know what you’re thinking…this is NOT how Tabbouleh looks like at your local grocery store. I agree. Let me explain.

Fresh & Light Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh is a lemony, fresh herb salad with juicy tomatoes and nutritious burgul (fine cracked wheat). Yes, I promise it really is as refreshing as it sounds. Unlike the soggy couscous version you normally stumble upon while grocery shopping. The traditional recipe uses burgul (not couscous) as a garnish → not the main ingredient.

Basically, may I quickly announce that if it doesn’t look like the pictures in this post, it’s not real Tabbouleh people!

And yes I get it, maybe you don’t care and you just love the westernized version! You might even enjoy adding avocados in there too…(Christine cringes for eternity)

I’m all for being creative and altering recipes but when it comes to this salad?! Call me old fashioned, but no one should mess with Tabbouleh! The real deal is so juicy, refreshing and flavorful. Summer is just not complete without it.

Here’s all you need to make a Fresh & Light Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh:

Fresh & Light 100% Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh

Parsley: I like to use curly parsley. I wash the night before, cut out most of the stems and place flatly on a towel or paper towels in small bunches as pictured above, turning them once, to fully dry. Next day, I finely and gently chop the dry parsley.

Mint: A small bunch adds a refreshing smell and taste. I also like to prewash and let dry then remove the stems before gently slicing.

Green Onion: Sliced ever so thinly, green onions adds a nice fresh flavor.

Onion: I like to add red onion as well for a burst of color, slight sweetness and more onion goodness.

Tomato: Large and really ripe tomatoes make this salad juicy and full of flavor.

Bulgur: Fine bulgur cracked wheat soak in water as you prepare the rest of the salad. You then drain well before adding.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Salt & Pepper: This is all you need for the dressing.

Fresh & Light 100% Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh
Fresh & Light 100% Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh
Fresh & Light 100% Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh
Fresh & Light 100% Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh

And there you have it! The end result is a perfectly balanced Fresh & Light Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh. Juicy, flavorful and refreshing. Perfect for the hot summer days or any other day!

Better than soggy couscous, right?

We at least seem to think so! We licked the bowl clean!

Fresh & Light 100% Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh

Let me know how you like it!!!!

One piece of advice though: check out your teeth after eating this salad. We always knew when mom taste checked the Tabbouleh before serving. A parsley leaf always found its perfect resting place between her front teeth! 😛

Fresh & Light Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh

Recipe type: Salad

Cuisine: Lebanese

Serves: 4-6

Fresh & Light Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh

Fresh & Light 100% Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh

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