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Fact you may not know about white lions

Fact you may not know about white lions

There are different species of lions. We have mountain lions (Lions that live in mountains), Alpha Lions (Lions that kill other lions) and others. Lions are regarded as the king of the jungle. They are carnivorous animals. One interesting fact is that there are white lions. 

White lions are rare mutation of the lion, specifically the Southern African lion. White lions are in the area of Timbavati. White lions are not albinos. Their white colour is caused by a recessive trait derived from a less-severe mutation in the same gene that causes albinism, distinct from the gene responsible for white tigers.

They vary from blonde to near white. This coloration does not appear to pose a disadvantage to their survival. The white lions have been re-introduced to their natural habitat and have been hunting and breeding without the intervention of humans for a significant amount of time.

A recessive gene gives white lions their unusual colors. A similar gene als produces white tigers. White lions can therefore be selective bred for zoos, animal show and wildlife parks. Such breeding involves inbreeding and can result in inbreeding depressions ( genetic defects, reduces fertility and physical defects). 

Genetically, the white lions is the same subspecies as the tawny South African lion. They have pigment visible to the eyes (which may be the normal hazel or golden color, blue-gray or green-gray) paw pads an lips . The leucistic trait is due to a recessive mutation in the gene for Tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for the production of melanins.

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