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We’ve all heard about the History of Barcelona triumph over chealsea in 2009 Or even witnessed it, as i only heard history personally and couldn’t witness a match like this just that I’m not a football fan then as we are young.

What a day! What a Match!! There are several comments on this controversial match even

Former Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink claims the controversial Champions League defeat to Barcelona in 2009 could have been a fix.

The Blues were controversially denied four penalities by referee Tom Henning Ovrebo before Andres Iniesta struck in the last minute to send the Catalans through to the final on away goals.

Didier Drogba infamously confronted the officials after the match, branding their performance as a strenuous one for them while Chelsea manager on the night Hiddink described it as ‘the worst refereeing’ he ever saw.

Ovrebo suffered death threats in the aftermath of the game, while UEFA was accused of fixing the game to avoid a repeat of the 2008 final between Manchester United and Chelsea.

Eleven years on, Hiddink has reopened old wounds and admits he still suspects foul play.

Hiddink told Ziggo Sport: “The referee performance surprised me, because in the past he’d had perfect performances. Is it the worst refereeing I’ve ever seen? I think so.

“This is the only time I thought a match could’ve been fixed.”

While Florent Malouda and Drogba’s penalty shouts fell somewhere in the ‘seen-them-given’ category, handballs from Gerard Pique and Samuel Eto’o were stonewall.

It remains one of the most controversial refereeing displays in recent history, and Ovrebo has since owned up to his mistakes.

“It was not my best day, really,” Ovrebo told Spanish newspaper Marca in 2018.

“But those mistakes can be committed by a referee, and sometimes a player or a coach. Some days you are not at the level you should be.

“But no, I can’t be proud of that performance. There were several errors and everyone will have their opinion of those plays. He admitted his error and seeks forgiveness.

The match was an impressive one but to no avail luck was against Chelsea………What a match!!!


David by name grow up in Lagos in Nigeria

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