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Finally, explanations for things you never stopped to think about twice.

Did you know each insect is a host to 10 bacterial species?

insect, Insects on the tree, Insect macro photos. Animals And Wildlife.


There are around 2 billion species on Earth—with 6.8 million likely to be species of insects. In each of these insects, up to 10 types of bacteria lives inside of them!

Did you know Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are incredibly distant cousins?

Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex


The old wives tale that we’re attracted to people who look like our parents has some strange ties. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex share more than just a marriage. Apparently, they share an ancestor dating 15 generations back. But, they’re not the first royals to be married and related—here are more royals who married their relatives.

Did you know instrument strings were made from animals?

Close-up of double bass


The strings of string instruments were originally made from the guts of animals like sheep or lamb. Now, instrument makers have transitioned to metal wiring. But before metal, it was common for all string instruments to be made from the guts of the animals geographically available to them.

Did you know there were male engagement rings once?

men's ring on the hand of a man, men's jewelry, gold ring, men's accessories


Advertising schemes have made people do wacky things—including, flipping the script on engagement culture. You know the story: the man spends a small fortune for a ring, kneels, and pops the question. Well, in 1926, jewelers paired with advertisers to sell the concept of the male-gagement ring. Jewelers may not fess up to this today, and here are 25 more things jewelers won’t tell you. The male engagement rings had names like the Pilot, the Stag and the Master.

Did you know Queen Elizabeth II keeps track of when she wore each outfit?

Queen Elizabeth II


It’s rumored that Queen Elizabeth never wears the same hat twice. If she did, she waits years to wear them again, and evidently, there’s a spreadsheetrecording her exact outfit per day. So, what does she do with all of those hats? A one-time-only exhibit showcased the many hats and handbags she wore during public engagements. If you couldn’t make it to that exhibit, this epic timeline of Queen Elizabeth’s wackiest hats will fill you in.

Did you know some hand gestures are offensive in other countries?

Hand drawn hand gesture rock goat. Hands with rock fingers up. Informal hand emotions. Isolated over white background. Alpha.


The “devil horns” hand sign seen thrown up at rock concerts can be offensive in other countries. In European and South American countries, this hand-sign is a sign that a man’s wife has been unfaithful. The meaning dates back to the etymological meaning of “cuckold”which is “horned” in Italian, Spanish, and Greek.

Did you know 40 percent of human jobs could be replaced by AI in the future?

sophia humanoid


In about 20 years, the future could look eerily similar to Wall-E. Artificial intelligence expert Kai-Fu Lee said that 40 percent of human jobs could be replaced by equally-capable robots. And, drivers might be affected the most.

Did you know Disneyland has an underground tunnel system?



There are lots of quirky things about Disney World that some think are underground, but this fact literally is. The tunnels were built in response to characters having to run through other lands to get to their posts, which spoiled the magic. These 8 secret spots in Disney parks will keep the magic alive, though. Thanks to the tunnels, Belle can run peacefully to her land.

Did you know your body loses up to 8 percent of water in a flight?

Private Airplane fly over clouds and Alps mountain on sunset. Front view of a big passenger or cargo aircraft, business jet, airline. Transportation, travel concept


Water is our body’s mechanical oil—without it, it can’t function. You lose about 8 percent of your body water while on a flight. This is because the humidity in the climate-controlled environment can be as low as 10 to 15 percent. Here’s more about what happens to your body on an airplane.

Did you know wind on Mars is audible?

Planet Mars in the starry sky. Red planet in space


You’ll want your bass-heavy headphones for this one. Sensors on the NASA InSight lander on Mars picked up the first recorded sounds of Martian wind through vibrations. The wind can be heard at a decibel within human range with the help of headphones

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