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Gentleman, once you are thirty, things change! You are now a full grown man, no more considered ‘young’ or an aspiring youth, you shouldn’t be ‘working on your plans’ you should now be producing Results!
People are now expectant of you, at this stage parents would start asking about what your intentions are for the future, if you’ve got someone you want to plan a family with. Your job prospects, so many other things that didn’t seem to matter. Exuberance would no longer be tolerated!

At the Age of thirty it is expected that you have something to show for all your years, it is your prime time and at this particular age you shouldn’t be messing around.
Without much Ado, Here are Seven key things Every Guy Must have by Age thirty! Not material things, traits, characters that are essential for every Gentleman to be Successful once they get to this Vital Stage in their life
Let’s Go!
Self Respect is an act of believing in your personal values, an esteem, knowing that you are good and that you deserve to be treated well.
It is important that one has Self Respect right from an early age but in reality, it is quite otherwise.
At our teenage years and twenties, we do a lot of self destrutive things, things that are harmful to our health and psychological well being. We drink, smoke, engage in a lot of immoralities, never minding the consequences of our actions.
At thirty years it is expected that you have an immense Respect for yourself. This self respect and esteem is what will help you become the best of yourself, standing by your character, willing to defend your values and actions.
“You are now a grown man, no more considered ‘young’ or an aspiring youth, you shouldn’t be ‘working on your plans’ you should now be producing Results!”

At thirty, You should know what you want to do in life and a path to follow to achieve your Aim. At this point in your life, it is too late to start considering career choices, fucking too late! It is expected that you already know what you what your future to entail, a Plan to get you destination.
At Age thirty you should have a Goal, and Most importantly a Direction!
During your twenties it is likely that you must have tried your hands on something, a business, an idea that might have not have worked out, or gone through the way you expected, a failed relationship perhaps, a terrible mistake that costed a Lot.
Failures are what keeps us moving, there are what gives us the Will to succeed, to progress. As Albeit Einstein once said “A man who never made a mistake, never tried”
Once you are thirty you should have a failure! It is essential, it shows that you are a just like every other Human, trying, Making mistakes and getting back Up
· What makes you Unique?
· What makes you Special?
· What can you do better than other people?

· Why are you Amazing?
Once you get to thirty, these are questions you have to have answers to, Figuring out Yourself. Most times people don’t really think about these things but i tell you there are things about you that makes you a Unique Person, incredible qualities only you can portray. You just have to Find it, Grab it, Hold on to it and Embrace it!
The fifth thing ever guy must have by Age thirty are friends that have your back. Good friends that you can always count on no matter the situation. Friends that add value to our Life, friends that can connect us.
As we grow, it is important that we reduce the number of friends we keep. During my much younger days i had a lot of boys who I thought would stay no matter what happened, guess what, when a terrible mishap occurred, off the hook they went!
We need friends who are not toxic, who do not Only take from us but also contribute to our overall growth.
Of course, style will always continue to evolve with time but at the age of thirty, you should have a personal fundamental knowledge of what you like and what you don’t like. Yourshould not follow trends or your friends.
At this age it is important that you are aware that your clothes and how you look tells a lot about you and it is necessary that you have a definite sense of style, one that matches you perfectly.
Dignity, a sense of being worthy of Respect, one with integrity and appropriate behavior.
At thirty years of age it is expected that you are looked upon, dignified, but it does not just come. You must have proven yourself to be worthy of it, you must have merited it!!


David by name grow up in Lagos in Nigeria

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