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Generally according to the Islamic point of view, Momin is a term used for true Muslim. In a Hadith, it was once asked from Rasulullah (SAW):

“How will I know that I have become a Momin?” Rasulullah (SAW) answered: “When your heart feels satisfied because of any of your good act and mourns about any of your wrongdoing, then know, you have become a true Muslim (i.e., Momin)’’. 

Muslim is a person who embraces Islam by saying Kalema Tayyaba and with a keen belief that Allah is one; no God except Him, Muhammad (S.A.W) is His last Apostle.

Whereas a person becomes Momin when this knowledge penetrates deep into his mind, heart, and soul.


Believes in Allah

Such persons believe in Allah Almighty and declare no assistant with Him whatsoever. We have seen many people saying and believing in Allah fully yet whenever they are in trouble, they seek help from others. This is in fact Shirk that has been entailed in the last sermon of Rasulullah (SAW).

Hadith Qudsi, “There is no such thing that any person can give you unless Allah imputes and no such thing any person can take away from you unless Allah wills. No greatness of any person, whatsoever, is greater than that of Allah and none can save you from evil doings except His might

2. Humbleness:

Another quality of such persons is that they are humble (i.e., free from any sort of pride and arrogance). They walk very humbly, talk humbly hence humbleness is a part of their life. Pride is something that Allah has forbidden upon humanity, it’s in a Hadith Qudsi, “Pride is my cloak, and whosoever tries to steal it from me, I shall be at war with him”.

3. Says salaam:

Here salaam not only represents saying salaam to each other in normal course of life but whenever such persons face a situation where an ignorant is trying to have a dispute with them over any matter, they just say salaam and move forward. (Surah Al Furqan Ayah: 63).

Therefore, it clearly shows that such persons don’t indulge themselves in futile discussions.

4. Prays After Midnight:

Though this is not compulsory for every person but whosoever does it with beat intentions may have reward for it, Insha Allah. The Mu’mineen or Ibaad-al- Rahman have the quality that they perform prayers after midnight (i.e., Tahajud).

Allah says in Surah al Furqan, “The pious followers of Allah are those who get up in the middle of the night and pray, when all the world is sound asleep.

5. Does charity:

Such persons are not extravagant rather chary. For an extravagant person, it is said, “An extravagant is brother of Satan”. Some people believe that Allah gives money to spend hence they keep on spending it uselessly.

 Yes, that is true that Allah gives money to a person to spend on himself and his family but not extravagantly, rather a person should be cautious in doing so, he should take care of the money given to him, he should neither be a closefisted person nor an extravagant but a careful person.

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