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Enthusiasts suppose Nicki Minaj Has Left Her Husband Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj regarded to discover the affection and protection she usually desired in her adolescence pal Kenneth Petty. They maintained a friendship for years before striking up a romance in 2018. A year later, they married in a easy and intimate rite and have due to the fact sparked child rumors. But at the same time as human beings would view this as an excellent love story, latest rumors have advised that there might be hassle in paradise.

Nicki Minaj on the purple carpet at an award display in August 2017 in Inglewood, California
Nicki Minaj on the crimson carpet at an award show in August 2017 in Inglewood, California pictures

Fanatics think Nicki Minaj has left Kenneth Petty
The rumors started on April 10 whilst a Twitter user claimed that one in every of Petty’s buddies had allegedly introduced the breakup at some stage in a livestream. In addition fueling the rumors turned into the fact that Nicki Minaj had apparently changed her Twitter header from “Mrs. Petty” to “YIKES.”

The “MEGATRON” famous person modified her header round her October 2019 wedding to Petty, so the truth that she switched it already similarly convinced enthusiasts that something was wrong. Taking to social media, they puzzled what was going on and whether or not the pair changed into nevertheless collectively.

“what’s the tea on nicki and kenneth petty breaking up,” one character questioned on Twitter, including, “i’m hoping my top sis left his a** fr.”

“I got a YouTube notification talkin about a capability break up b/w Nicki & Kenneth Petty, and i— wish it’s genuine,” a 2nd man or woman stated.

“I virtually wish Nicki and Kenneth are nevertheless together,” any other tweet stated in element.

However the factor is, the Twitter person who shared the initial tweet has considering the fact that admitted that they lied (via Hip Hop Vibe). As far as the header trade, it seems that Nicki Minaj is certainly promoting her track “Yikes,” which dropped in February and hastily fell out of the Billboard 100.

Not every person likes Kenneth Petty
While many humans are glad that Nicki Minaj has observed love, a few are not pleased that it’s with Petty, who has a prolonged rap sheet. A few of the expenses is a conviction for attempted rape, which came about inside the ’90s when he and his victim had been around the age of 16, in step with TMZ. He reportedly served around 4 years in jail for this earlier than being released. As a result of his conviction, Petty is now a registered sex perpetrator.

Similarly to that, he has reportedly served time for the entirety from using infractions to manslaughter. So when he started relationship Nicki Minaj in overdue 2018, fans have been significantly alarmed and strongly criticized the couple. Some even entreated her to dump Petty, announcing that she may want to do better than him. But she has in most cases tuned them out.

Nicki Minaj is status by means of Kenneth Petty
In reaction to folks who stated she lowered her standards through dating Petty, Nicki Minaj stated in a 2019 episode of her Apple Beats 1 show Queen Radio that that isn’t the case.

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