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This is how to expose your friends real laugh

To find your “real laugh,” lay on your back and cross your arms across your chest, mummy style. Start ha-haing (though humming works for some people) and have a friend press down on your chest.

This will cause you to let out a surprisingly genuine laugh—I’m sure you’ve seen the TikTok trend, so you know what I’m talking about. But please, be very careful when pressing. This “real laugh challenge” isn’t worth a broken rib.


To find your real laugh, you need to lie down on the floor and cross your arms across your chest (like an X) and have someone press down on your chest. Then start laughing (“ha.. ha.. ha…”) until you can’t control it. No matter how hard you try you won’t be able to stop laughing. That’s your real laugh!

Why is it hard to breathe when you laugh real hard?


It is hard to breathe when you laugh out loud because you used most of you breathe to laugh as hard as you did. Try to get someone to make you laugh. Then see how long it takes you to catch your breathe…

When something is funny then you laugh.

Marwan Ghayad

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