Super Mario Run:

It’s finally here, Super MarioNintendo’s first proper mobile game has launched on both iPhone and iPad.

First announced back at Apple’s iPhone event in September, Super Mario Run is a game that looks and feels like a side-scrolling Mario adventure, but makes a number of small-but-important changes to make it fit on your phone.

It’s the first release in a planned rollout of Nintendo mobile games, which will include both new Animal Crossing and titles. Here’s everything you need to know about Mario’s mobile debut.

Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first true smartphone game, arrives today on iOS. It’s a little different than your typical Mario fanfare, which typically send the mustachioed plumber out on a grand adventure.

Everything you need to know about Nintendo’s first smartphone game

Super Mario Run’s Main mode, called “world tour,” features 24 levels spread across six worlds.

I managed to get through the collection in under two hours, so don’t go in expecting a lengthy campaign comparable to Super Mario World and its ilk.

Long-term enjoyment of Super Mario Run will hinge on a tolerance for playing through the same levels many, many times. Each stage is designed to be replayed, drawn with multiple paths to explore, and littered with “challenge coins” that get progressively trickier to find.

A secondary “toad rush” mode has you compete with friends asynchronously — so don’t plan on realtime multiplayer sessions — to complete the same levels in pursuit of the highest possible score.

iOS phone download apps link , Don’t worry, ‘Super Mario Run’ is coming to Android too.

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