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Using Nintex Workflows with SharePoint 2010/2013

This article provides prerequisites and steps for enable NetBIOS name on servers running Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010/2013.

Workflow failed to get user profile for user

When you are using user profile look up option in Nintex workflows to update or get an items details from active directory, you may get the below error during the workflows processing…

Error Workflow failed to get user profile for user:domain\user

As per the below image we are using Nintex workflows user profile updating items, in order to get employee title and save it on signatory title field.


Also if you are using InfoPath form with user profile data connection to get user information you will get same error

This happened if your active directory using NetBIOS name and you did not enable it before your first sync


If the NetBIOS name of any domain that you are synchronizing with differs from its fully qualified domain name, you must enable NetBIOS domain names on the User Profile service application.

In this case the user profile services import employee list from Active Directory “Domain\employee name ” with incorrect domain full domain name “FullDomainName\employeename ”


Solving this issues by enable NetBIOS domain name… by follow the below steps:

  1. Verify that you meet the following minimum requirements:
  2. Delete the existing synchronization connection deletadsync
  3. Delete all incorrect imported users
  4. Now you need to Copy the user profile services name in order to use it on below code
    1. navigate to the services and cope the name
    2. or type the Get-SPServiceApplication on PowerShell command to display all services detailsget-spserviceapplication
  5. Copy the following code and paste it into a text editor, such as Notepad:$ServiceApps = Get-SPServiceApplication$UserProfileServiceApp = “”foreach ($sa in $ServiceApps){if ($sa.DisplayName -eq “<Your User Profile Services Name>”){$UserProfileServiceApp = $sa}


    $UserProfileServiceApp.NetBIOSDomainNamesEnabled = 1


  6. Replace <Your User Profile Services Name>> with the name of the User Profile service application.enablenetbios
  7. Save the file, naming it EnableNetBIOS.ps1.enablenetbiossaveNote: You can use a different file name, but you must save the file as an ANSI-encoded text file whose extension is .ps1.
  8. On the Start menu, click All Programs.
  9. Click Microsoft SharePoint 2010/13 Products.
  10. Click SharePoint 2010/13 Management Shell.
  11. Change to the directory where you saved the file.
  12. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command:
  13. Recreate the synchronize connection again And start full sync … employee domain name should be sync correctly now…



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