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Nintex Forms Numbering a Repeating section:

This post shows you how to create auto numbering 1,2,3,….x into Nintex form repeating section using JavaScript, that you can use it on many cases, on our case below we are applying the numbering filed on our purchase order form:



Nintex Forms Numbering a repeating section step by step:

  1. Starting by creating purchase order list on SharePoint
  2. Add the required fields like (item description, quantity, unit price, and total …)
  3. Edit your list using Nintex forms customization taprep5
  4. Add class to “item” field: (vtLabel)rep2
  5. Add another class for the repeating section: (vtMyRepeatingSection )rep1
  6. Then go to form setting and paste the below code into Custom Java Script option rep3
  7. Save and publish your form … rep4


Java Script:

var rs = null;

NWF$(document).ready(function () {

rs = NWF$(‘.vtMyRepeatingSection’);


//window.setTimeout(doWork, 1000); // 1 seconds


function doWork() {






function fnAddNRows(numRows) {

for (i = 0; i < numRows; i++) {




function fnNumberRows() {

var iID = 0;

var labels = NWF$(rs).find(‘.vtLabel’);

NWF$.each(labels, function (index) {

if (index == 0) NWF$(this).text(labels.length);

else NWF$(this).text(iID);




NWF.FormFiller.Events.RegisterRepeaterRowAdded(function () {

var repeaterRow = NWF$(arguments[0][0]);

if (NWF$(repeaterRow.parents(‘.nf-repeater’)[0]).hasClass(‘vtMyRepeatingSection’)) {






NWF.FormFiller.Events.RegisterRepeaterRowDeleted(function () {

var repeaterControl = NWF$(arguments[0][0]);

if (repeaterControl.hasClass(‘vtMyRepeatingSection’)) {





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