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Workflow Tasks List Auto Completed:

If you are working with Nintex Forms or InfoPath Forms, and building your workflows with Nintex and during the workflows process you may face a user experience issues while working with workflows tasks list and forms actions

The default behaviors for flexi task action is opening on view that different than the form views, so if received email notification from workflow, and click on the item URL for replying it will redirect you to assigned task in order to ether approve it or decline it, and to approve it you need also to review the form requested so you need to open the items details “Custom Form”.

Users may find that process are very long, to have one place for review and approve the process will be friendly uses and mush easy

This can be done by different way depending on business requirements, for the below example i used Nintex auto complete action

Auto completing action used for automatically approve or decline the tasks that due for a certain time, so you can approve the task after 5 days if no action has been taken by the user

In my case below i will use the same action for approve or decline the tasks depending on action button on the same forms.

In this case user can click on form approve button then the task will be approved automatically, so it will not required from the user to open the task for action it.

At the end the user will work only with forms only instead of every time he need to open the task and completed after reviewing the form

Step by step:

  1. Insert 2 button for “approve” and “reject” at your form
  2. Create a column to be used as the value for approve or reject (named example: “result”)
  3. Add button action on “approve” button to be for submitting and update the “result” value with “yes”
  4. Add button action on “reject” button to be for submitting and update the “result” value with “no”.AutoComplete
  5. Open your workflow and add if condition with the value for “result”
  6. Add 2 flexi task at “yes” and “no” output for if condition
    • One task will act as approved and the other will act as decline
    • Use the current date and time for the escalation option on task AutoCompletAutocomplet


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