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MS Transcription

MS Transcription


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Fast Food

Restaurants Receipts ‘bills

Anyone take advantage of receipt surveys from fast food?  you do not waste a free meals every time you went to restaurant 🙂

This is the first time i note that most of the fast food restaurant provide a free gift for each time you visit their restaurant , normally i read the total amount on the receipt bill… just pay and go 🙂 that it!

So Keep it or throw it…

It was there on the same receipt all the time … I did not notes that, check it out you will find free stuff for you pick it up or sometimes they ask you to fill your feedback about your visit online … and when you come back for the second visit order your free stuff

keep the bill and fill your feedback to pick up your free stuff on your next visit !!

Here are some restaurant survey site for you 




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